Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indian Psychology (Hindi Language)

Indian Psychology (Hindi Language)
Ram Nath Sharma
Rachana Sharma

This book is a text book for M.A. Philosophy and Psychology Students of Indian Universities, a reference book for the teachers of Indian psychology and it can help as a guide those persons who are interested in self realization by Indian methods. All the three mentioned categories will find the solutions for their problem such as what, why, how much and how to read. It has three major parts:

First Part: Introduction:
Historical Background of Indian Psychology

Second Part: Psychological Processes:
Mind and Body; Stages of Consciousness and Modes;
Nature of Mind and its control;
Nature of Perception: Types and Kinds; Sense-organs and Sensations;
Theories of Perception;
Illusion: Types, Cause and Theories;
Memory: Nature, Cause and Theories;
Imagination: Nature and Factors; Thinking; Concepts and Language;
Feelings: Pleasure and Pain, Will, Basic Instincts and Karma;
Motivation: Types and Theories ;
Expressions: Types , Control and its relations;
Meditation: Nature, Types and Determiner;
Actions: Simple and Conceptual;
Personality: Nature, Types and Collections.

Third Part: Area of Indian Psychology
Mental Hygiene and Medical;
Psychology of Aesthetics;
Sex Psychology;
Psychology of Religion;
Yoga Psychology;

Publishers Details:
Atlantic Publishers and Distributors,
New Delhi.
ISBN 81-7156-597-2