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Consciousness, Indian Psychology and Yoga

Consciousness, Indian Psychology and Yoga
(History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization VolX.I Part 3)
Kireet, Joshi et al (Eds.))Year: 2005
Indian Book Corporation (For Online Purchase)[ 28 cm., pp. xxxvii+495 ][ Price: RS. 1,460.00, US$ 31.74 ]
(It is one of a set of four volumes purported to launch the sub-project Consciousness, Science, Society, Value and Yoga. Devoted to the exploration of consciousness, this volume is part of an on-going effort to bring the indic tradition and the social sciences closer together. Its focus is on three major contributions : a deep and many-faceted understanding of consciousness, a well-worked out methodology to arrive at reliable knowledge of the subject domain, and a variety of effective methods to transcend and transform human nature. Just as western science has used physical technology to increase our knowledge and power in the physical domain, so the Indic tradition has used yoga to create an immense wealth of insight and wisdom in the psychological domain. The five sections of this book deal with the central role of consciousness in Indian psychology; different paths of Yoga; the coming together of Indian and Western systems of psychological thought; Indian approaches to core issues of theoretical psychology; and finally, Indian contributions to various aspect of applied psychology, which range from physical health to sustainable development, management and psychotheraphy.
Contents :
Preface/Kireet Joshi and Matthijs Cornelissen.
Foreword/D.P. Chattopadhyaya
Part I: Consciousness in the Indian Tradition –
1. Yoga: Science and technology of consciousness/Kireet Joshi.
2. Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary Ontology of Consciousness/Matthijs
3. Centrality of consciousness in Indian psychology/K. Ramakrishna Rao.
4. The theme of consciousness in Indian culture/N. Veezhinathan
Part II : Schools of Yoga-Sadhana
5. The Vedic Seer's Quest for the Supramental Consciousness/S.P. Singh.
6. The tradition of the Buddhist Yoga/Karunesh Shukla.
7. Stages of spiritual development in Jainism/Mukul Raj Mehta.
8. Nature of consciousness and Yoga in Kasmira Saiva Tantra/Kailash Pati
9. Chakra meditation in achieving altered states of consciousness/B.
Mukhopadhyay and S. Renukadevi.
10. Sikhism and the Yoga tradition/D.S. Dhillon.
11. Spiritual experiences of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda/Swami Jitatmananda.
12. The science of Kriya Yoga/Keshav Sharma.
13. Essentials of transformative psychology/Ananda Reddy
Part III : Psychology and the Indian Tradition: In Search of a Meeting Ground
14। Challenges and opportunities for Indian psychology in a rapidly globalizing post-modern world/Anand C. Paranjpe
15. Psychology in India: past trends and future possibilities/Suneet Varma.
16. Relativism and its relevance for psychology/Kundan Singh.
17. Personal growth and psychology in India/V. George Mathew.
18. Rising up to the supramental consciousness: the need for a new
psychology/R.C. Pradhan.
19. Psychology in India: a future perspective/Aster Patel
Part IV : Indian Psychology: Some Theoretical Issues
20. Yoga and knowledge/Kireet Joshi.
21. Old ideas of mind/Ananda Wood.
22. The concept of mind in Orthodox Indian thought: its implications for modern psychology/K. Srinivas and K. Krishna Mohan.
23. An information theoretic approach to the issues of the collective unconscious and the superconscious/P.V. Vaidya.
24. Emotion in modern psychology and Indian thought/Girishwar Misra.
25. Indian concepts of personality/Adhikari Srikanta Dash and Mamata Rout.
26. The meeting of east and west: the fusion of Vedanta and western psychology in integral psychology/Brant Cortright.
27. Revitalizing developmental psychology: Sri Aurobindo's Theory of Human Development/Monica Gupta
Part V : Indian Psychology Applied
28. The Yogic view of life with special reference to medicine/R.L. Bijlani.
29. A holistic model of sustainable development: an Indian approach to
environmental psychology/R.S. Pirta.
30. The flowering of Aravind Eye Care System/Pravir Malik.
31. Spiritual Health of Organizations: a new vision of organizational change in
rural bank development/Susmita Mukhopadhyay and Debdulal Dutta Roy.
32. An Indian approach of psychotherapy: Sattvavajaya - concept and
33. Sahya: the concept in Indian philosophical psychology and its contemporary
relevance/L. Sam S. Manickam.
34. Spiritual depths of admiration in family therapy: Grhastha - family life as a
spiritual path/Stuart Sovatsky.
35. Intervention for cancer through integral psychotherapy/Annalakshmi
36. Yoga as an intervention strategy for augmenting spiritual
intelligence/Anamika Sharma and Madhu Jain.