Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Certificate Courses Indian Psychology

Two Certificate CoursesIndian Psychology
At Pondicherry and Delhi June to October २०१०
organised by the Indian Psychology Institute.

These courses offer an introduction to Indian Psychology. They are largely, but not exclusively, based on the work of Sri Aurobindo, and cover topics like philosophical background; self and personality; cognition and modes of knowing; yoga-based research methodologies; motivation and the aim of life; emotions and attitudes; individual change and development; relationships; professional work involving psychology (education, therapy, organisational psychology, etc.).
Information transfer is, however, only one aspect of these courses। Their central focus is on increasing one’s self-knowledge, and on developing consciousness-based psychological skills and ­attitudes that help in one’s personal growth. In Indian ­approaches to Psychology one has to begin with understanding one’s own self, and apply that understanding to life. Only then, can one hope to understand, teach or otherwise help others.
Please email the following information as early as possible, but not later than April 20,to: mail@ipi.org.in
A 300-600 word “biographical note”Focus here on the work you have already done in the fields of psychology, Indian philosophy and yoga.
A 300-600 word “motivation note”Focus here on why you are interested in this course, what you expect from it, and how you plan to use what you will learn after completing this course.
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There are only limited seats, so if you are interested, please register at the earliest, but not later than April 20, 2010. Please don't send the fees before you have received our acceptance email.For the latest information, visit: http://ipi.org.in
If you need any further info, you can write to ।org.in" href="mailto:matthijs@ipi