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Conference on Indian Psychology:

Conference on Indian Psychology:
Psychology, Culture and the Ideal of Human Unity

October 1-4, 2009

Department of Psychology
University of Delhi

Framework and call for papers
We mean by Indian psychology an approach to psychology that is based on ideas and practices that developed over thousands of years within the Indian sub-continent. In other words, we use the word "Indian" to indicate and honour the origin of this approach to psychology: the origin of the underlying philosophy, the conceptual framework, the methods of enquiry, and the "technology of consciousness" that it uses to bring about psychological change and transformation. It may be useful to make explicit that we do not use the word "Indian" to localize or limit the scope of this approach to psychology: We do not mean, for example, "the psychology of the Indian people", or "Psychology as taught at Indian universities". We hold that Indian Psychology as a meta theory and as an extensive body of related theories and practices has something essential and unique to contribute to the global civilization as a whole.
Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, is organizing the National Conference on "Psychology, Culture and the Ideal of Human Unity", to further the awareness and scope of Indian Psychology, especially in bringing about a lasting human unity. Typical sub-themes include:
1. The Ideal of Human Unity
2. Peace, and Development of Global Civilization
3. Bhakti, Love and Oneness of Humanity
4. Buddhist/Sufi/Christian Perspectives on oneness of humanity
5. Place of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion in Healing
6. Synthesis of Matter and Spirit, Science and Spirituality
7. Related topics from the Indian Psychology

With the idea of having an intensive dialogue and sustained sharing, it is proposed to have not more than 100 participants (50 senior and 50 younger ones). The aim is to have the participation of scholars in India who are making serious and sustained contributions to the concerned areas (senior core group), as well as younger researchers, and students who are keen to work in this area, show promise, and seek guidance. A few individuals will be invited to speak on key themes. The remaining participants will be selected on the basis of invited abstracts or their keen interest in the key topics.
We extend a warm invitation to you attend the seminar, and to send an abstract of the paper that you would like to present at the conference by e-mail to, latest by June 30, 2009 (for complete papers the deadline is August 15, 2009). We will confirm acceptance of your paper for presentation at the conference, after reviewing all the abstracts, by July 10, 2009. At this stage we cannot promise funds for travel for the selected participants, but if the budget allows, we will try our level best to meet the same (as per UGC norms).

Prof. Anand Prakash
Head of the Department
Seminar Director
Dr. Suneet Varma
Seminar Coordinator
For all conference information, please write to:
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Reader, Department of Psychology
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