Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leadership Wisdom - The Gita for Leaders

Leadership Wisdom - The Gita for Leaders
This book is for leaders which is based on Bhagwad Gita (A great book ever, where conversation between lord Krishna and Arjuna. This conversation was not only between the God and Arjuna rather it was a conversation between humanity and lord Krishna).
As Krishna was trying to tell the leadership wisdom to Arjuna. He was conveying that what leader should do? What should be the Qualities of a leader? In this book I have tried to show the leadership Wisdom from organization, self, knowledge and life perspective. This book is for every leader. This book is about the personal leadership, where I have tried to put self leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, Spiritual practices, and eternal knowledge.
I hope this book will be helpful for you.
Book - Leadership Wisdom -The Gita for leaders
Authors - Rohit Puri
pages - 195 pages
Price - 170
ISBN - 978-81-923-275-0-1
Publisher - Spiritual Teacher Forum

Rohit Puri
Founder ( Spiritual Teacher Forum)