Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Launch - "More Teaching Stories"

Book Launch - "More Teaching Stories"

Selected And Interpreted by Ms. Jamuna Rangachari,
Illustrated by Mr. Pankuj Parashar
Followed by a panel discussion on
"The Story Is The Shortest Distance Between You And The Truth"
Moderator: Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra
Panelists: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Swami Agnivesh, Ms. Jamuna Rangachari,
Shri DR Kaarthikeyan and Mr. Anil Bhatnagar.

Teaching stories are not simple fables which have a simple 'moral' for the reader. They are not merely fairy tales that muse. Rather, they are snippets of life designed to show effective ways of defining and responding to common life experiences, such stories can be told and retold, visited and revisited, meditated upon as they themselves may change shape, revealing themselves variously in different circumstances and at different stages of human development, and hence a child and a adult will enjoy it at their own levels and exposure.

Which is why they are being used in education, development and motivation all over the world at all levels of growth. For, what is truly fascinating is the fact that the inferences one gets, as in many real life dilemmas and situations, is not a simple right or wrong, but a many layered contextual expression of life with all its complexities in place.

The fact is, in our quest to acquire more and more knowledge, we hardly have time to digest, reflect and assimilate. It is here that teaching stories are the best tool to wisdom as they entertain and educate seamlessly. While we may not remember the spiritual tenet the story seeks to illustrate, the story and through it, the tenet remains with us.