Sunday, June 26, 2022

Course on Introduction to Integral Yoga Psychology

Dear friends,

We are happy to launch the third edition of Sva-Parichayam, SP22 (Online), a three-month Introduction to Integral Yoga Psychology based on the profound spiritual knowledge of India as synthesised by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

The program is online, from 20 August to 13 November 2022. It begins with three intensive, full time weekends. This will be followed by guided self-work supported by weekly sessions & sharing circles. At the end there is a concluding weekend with presentations of the self-work projects.

The last date for application submission is 17 July 2022. There are limited seats on offer, so please apply at the earliest!

For more details please refer:

To apply, click here:

For any further queries, please write to:

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Team IPI

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Sri Aurobindo Sri Aurobindo


 Sri Aurobindo (1872-2022) was a revolutionary, nationalist, poet, educationist, philosopher and yogi of Indian soil. To commemorate the 150th year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth anniversary Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS) is launching a host of year round programmes like organising event for students, book and journal publication. You can find all details of the activities like call for papers and published literature here.

Link to the event page:

Monday, March 22, 2021

Guest lecture on *Indian Psychology

Warm Greeting of the Day!!
Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences would like to invite you to participate in the guest lecture on *Indian Psychology* sponsored by *Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi.* 

 *Date* : 24th March’21
 *Timings** : 10:00AM - 01:00 PM
 *Platform* : Microsoft Teams

 *Registration Link* :

 *Resource Persons*:

 *Prof. Rishi Kant Pandey* 
University of Allahabad
 *Topic* : Emotional Intelligence

 *Prof. Shivani Sharma* 
Panjab University, Chandigarh
 *Topic* : Indian Psychology

 *Prof. Sachidanand Mishra* 
BHU, Varanasi
 *Topic* : Consciousness

 *Dr. Mukul Sharma* 
Practicing Psychologist
 *Topic* : Career Counseling & Motivation

 *Coordinator* : 
Dr. Prashant
Associate Professor
Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences
Amity University Rajasthan

 *Co-coordinator* :
Dr. Monika Gwalani
Assistant professor
Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences
Amity University Rajasthan

 *_*E-Certificate will be given to all the participants_** .

Monday, July 20, 2020

National Webinar on *INDIAN PSYCHOLOGY*

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am happy to inform you that, Lakulish Yoga University Ahmedabad is organising a one day National Webinar on *INDIAN PSYCHOLOGY*  
on *26th July2020, Sunday*.

I request you to make best use of this opportunity as eminent speakers in the field of Yoga, Psychology and Spirituality will discuss the various approaches of Indian Psychology.

Students, teachers, scholars, Psychologist, Yoga practitioners, therapist, trainers all are invited to attend the Webinar.


Date: July 26th, 2020, Sunday
Time: 10:00-12:30 PM
Limited seats.
Registration link-

Please join our whatsapp group for further updates. 

You will receive the webinar Id and password through whatsapp or email.

Last date for the registration is 25th July 2020 (till 05:00 pm)

1. There is no registration fee
2. E-certificates will be awarded to only registered participants attending all the sessions.

Dr. Vivek Maheshwari
Organizing Secretary,
National Webinar

Friday, March 13, 2020

Call for Papers Indian Psychology

Dear Sir/ Madam

 Deadline for submission:  April 27, 2020
Contact emails:
Concept Note:
Indian thoughts have not been explored as much as it should have been yet. Indian literature/thought is an unlimited reservoir of Gyan and Vigyan. Unfortunately, this tradition of rich knowledge and skill presented are estimated as a mediocre discipline of knowledge in the modern world. However, a number of efforts are being made by Indian thinkers to present this knowledge in the modern world. but not given importance as it deserves. Therefore the present attempt a tiny step to get familiar with Indian thoughts and ideas in view of Psychology. This aim would help academicians to have a better understanding of Indian thoughts in Psychology and other discipline and consequently transferred this knowledge to followers and the applied world of psychology.
Therefore, this book aims to include the papers on Indian Psychology from special to specific and social purposes.
The subthemes are as follows:
Human Nature in Indian Thought
·         Psychology of Action (Karma: Bhagavad Gita) and Duty ( Dharma: Indian Scriptures)
·        Consciousness  and Cognition in Indian Context
·         An Indian View of Mind and Body
·         Self and Personality as described in Indian Scriptures
·         Indian Approaches to Emotions ( Rasas)
·         Therapeutic Implication of Indian Thoughts
                                             Indian Tradition  of Yoga and Meditation 
·         Psychology of Vivekanand, Aurobindo & J Krishnamurti
·          Psychology of Gautam Buddh 
Editing requirements
·         Font & size: Times New Roman 12, Spacing: 1.5 lines, Margin of 1 inch on all four sides
·          Title of the paper: bold, Sentence case (Capitalize each word), centered
·          Text of the paper: Justified. Font & Size: Times New Roman – 12
·          References: Please follow APA / MLA style 
·         Articles should be submitted as MS Word attachments only
·          The length of the article should be 3000-6000 words
 Authentic, scholarly and unpublished research papers are invited from scholars/ faculty/ researchers/ writers/ professors from all over the world. The book will be published with an ISBN by a renowned publisher.
 Please submit the unpublished work including an abstract of 150 words approximately and a brief description of the author to  by April 27, 2020.

Dr. Prashant Mishra
Associate Professor 
Amity Institute of Behavioural & Allied Sciences 
Amity University Rajasthan
Mobile Number - 9785196711

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sva-Parichayam, a three month learning programme in Introduction to Integral Yoga Psychology

Dear friends,

We are happy to launch the first edition of Sva-Parichayam, a three month learning programme in Introduction to Integral Yoga Psychology, based on the profound Indian spiritual knowledge as synthesised by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

The course begins with an eight-day intensive in Pondicherry from 30 May - 6 June, 2020, followed by 3 months of mini project with weekly online sharing circles and it ends with a weekend retreat in Pondicherry from 28 - 30 August, 2020.

The last date for application submission is 15th March, 2020. There are limited seats so please apply at the earliest!

Here are details of the Course:

To apply, click here:

Warm regards,

IPI Alumni

For further info on IPI, pease visit:

Friday, January 31, 2020

One Day Interdisciplinary National Workshop on“Rethinking Model of Applied Indian Psychology (with ref to Sanskrit Shaastras & Modern Psychology)”

Departments of Home Science, Physical Education, Botany, Zoology, Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Mass Com, Music (I & V),  

One Day Interdisciplinary National Workshop on
“Rethinking Model of Applied Indian Psychology (with ref to Sanskrit Shaastras & Modern Psychology)”
“व्यवहारपरक भारतीय मनोविज्ञान के प्रारूप का पुनर्विचार (संस्कृत शास्त्र एवम् आधुनिक मनोविज्ञान के सन्दर्भ) ”
Date – 15TH February, 2020, Saturday, Time 10.00. A.M., Place –Seminar Hall

Dear Sir/ Madam _______________________,

You are cordially invited to share your Indigenous traditional knowledge, understanding, information, ideas, perceptions, views & prejudices too about the above said topic as per the schedule.   

Idea of the workshop – 
  इस सम्वाद गोष्ठी के आयोजन का मुख्य कारण है कि भारतीय मनोविज्ञान का  एक औपचारिक, तार्किक व्यावहारिक प्रारूप उपस्थापित करना ताकि पाश्चात्य मनोविज्ञान और भारतीय मनोविज्ञान में मानवीय हितों को दृष्टि में रखते हुए एक सम्वाद का मार्ग खुल सके और मानवीय चेतना के उन आयामों को टटोला जा सके जिसकी आवश्यकता आज सम्पूर्ण मानवता को है और इसमें मूलभूत प्रश्न यह है कि भारतीय मनोविज्ञान के नाम पर साहित्य में, शास्त्र में, परम्परा में, संस्कृति में, जीवन में, व्यवहार में जो कुछ भी सामग्री उपलब्ध है, क्या उसके आधार पर एक निश्चित प्रारूप प्रस्तुत किया जा सकता है और यदि किया जा सकता है तो वह क्या है या क्या हो सकता है और साथ ही यह भी स्पष्ट कर लेना चहिए कि क्या मनोविज्ञान साईकालोजी का सही अनुवाद है क्योंकि पश्चिम में “साईकी” (“Psyche”) शब्द का अपना एक इतिहास है जो एक सांस्कृतिक-वैज्ञानिक-दार्शनिक मूल्य के रूप में प्रयोग होता है जबकि  भारत में मन “अन्तःकरण” का एक भाग है और इस अन्तःकरण में मन-बुद्धि-चित्त-अहंकार सम्मिलित हैं अतः अन्तःकरण शब्द तो सम्भवतः साईकोलोजी का समीपवर्ती अनुवाद हो सकता है परन्तु फ़िर भी भारतीय मनोविज्ञान को परिभाषित करने में कई व्यावहारिक कठिनाइयां दृष्टिगत होती हैं जिनकी चर्चा इस गोष्ठी में अपेक्षित है ।साथ ही साथ यह भी ध्यातव्य है कि मनोविज्ञान को इस प्रकार परिभाषित किया जाए कि वह अध्यात्म के क्षेत्र का अतिक्रमण न करे और वह दैनन्दिन समस्याओं का विश्लेषण करे भी और करना सिखाए भी। वेद, उपनिषद्, साहित्य और दर्शन में अनेक गुणात्मक और विश्लेषण पूर्ण तथ्य मन के विषय में कहे गए हैं जिनकी चर्चा इस पक्ष से अपेक्षित है कि वह सब तथ्य मिल कर भारतीय मनोविज्ञान का क्या और कैसा स्वरूप प्रस्तुत करने में सक्षम है।
कतिपय विचार बिन्दु-
भारतीय मनोविज्ञान से हम क्या समझते हैं?
क्या मनोविज्ञान “Psychology” विषय का किसी भी प्रकार से सही अनुवाद हो सकता है?
क्या मन बुद्धि चित्त अहंकार वृत्ति आत्मा सत् चित्त् आनन्द जीव कोश कर्म आदि शब्दों का अंग्रेजी में परिनिष्ठित (realistic) अनुवाद सम्भव है?
क्या उपरोक्त शब्दों की व्याख्याएं अतिव्याप्ति (over generalization)  या सांकर्य (overlapping) दोष पीड़ित नहीं है? 
भारतीय मनोविज्ञान के विषय में जो कुछ भी  सूचना सामग्री उपलब्ध है क्या वह पर्याप्त एवम् व्यवस्थित है ?
क्या उपलब्ध विषय सामग्री का उपयोग वैज्ञानिक पद्धति से करना सम्भव है?
क्या भारतीय मनोविज्ञान को एक विषय के रूप में कम से कम  बी०ए०/बी० एस० सी० में पढाना सम्भव है ?और यदि है, तो अभी तक इस सन्दर्भ में हमने  क्या प्रयत्न किए और यदि प्रयत्न नहीं किया तो संस्कृत की रक्षा के नाम पर हमने क्या किया? विशेष रूप से विश्वविद्यालयों के स्तर पर?
Have there been any terms, systems, thinking processes in Indian tradition regarding psychology?
 If there had been anything which deals with the psychological issues in Indian tradition then a serious investigation is needed so as to find out not only new dimensions in Psychology but also to find a better alternative psychological system?
  Primary investigations has led us to believe that Indian tradition deals with nature of consciousness, mind, nervous system, behavior of individuals or society, in a different manner. There are different schools of Indian tradition which not only conceptualize an advance frame-work for psychology but also practise them in a very indigenous manner which makes psychology to think in more humanistic terms like  jiva, bhuta, praani etc.
How can different schools of Indian psychology like- Vedic, Mimaanasaa, Saamkhya-yoga, Vedanata, Buddhist, Jain, Tantra, ayurveda etc. be used to add more meaning to the realms of psychology?
 Can there be any creative dialogue between the Indian systems of psychological thinking and the western understanding of psychology?
 Can India contribute its experiences of psychic understanding to the world at large or humanity in its own terms in different fields of psychology? 

Discussion will be focused on the following issues - 
१. सिद्धान्त पक्ष Theory > Man and Nature मनुष्य एवम् प्रकृति (स्वभाव), Nervous system नाड़ी / स्नायुमण्डल, Mind अन्तःकरण, Emotions and sentiment भाव , Process of knowledge ज्ञान प्रक्रिया, Action कर्म, Language/ Speech वाक् / भाषा
२. व्यवहार पक्ष Applied  Aspect > [Corrective methods  उपाय प्रक्रियाएँ- योग , प्राणायाम, ध्यान, मुद्राएं, न्यास, चिकित्सकीय ज्योतिष, कथा, संगीत, मन्त्र तथा अन्य कलाएं आदि]
उपरोक्त विषय के सन्दर्भ में आपके प्रश्नों का, उत्तरों का, सुझावों और वैचारिक आयामों का विनम्रतापूर्ण स्वागत है। कृपया अपनी उपस्थिति से हमें अनुगृहीत करें। 
With deep regards

Ashutosh Angiras   Dr. Richa Sangwan  Dr. Yashna Bawa  Prof. Reetika Pahwa   Dr. Someshwar Dutt           Dr. Rajinder Singh
Convener                Org. Secretary          Org. Secretary          Org. Secretary            Director, HAS, PKL           Principal 
                             7988955184          8295591927         9729387709         
Advisory Committee
Dr. Sashi Rana, Head, Dept of Physical Education, Dr. Vijay Sharma, Head, Dept of Hindi, , Dr. Nirvair Singh, Head, Dept. of Punjabi, Dr. Paramjeet Kaur, Head, Dept of Music (I), Dr. Madhu Sharma, Head, Dept of Music (V), Prof. Neetu Bala, Dept of English,  Dr. Divya Jain,  Head, Dept of Botany, Dr. Zeenat Madan, Head , Dept of Zoology, Dr. Sumit Chibbar, Dept of Botany, Dr. Sonia Batra, Dept of Zoology, Dr. Rajesh Phor, Dept of Phy. Edu., Dr. Nitin Sehgal, Dept Phy Edu., Dr. Saryu Sharma, Dept of Hindi, Dr. Leena Goyal, Dept of Hindi, Dr. Anju Sharma, Dept of Hindi, Dr. Sandeep Phulia, Dept of Hindi