Friday, April 15, 2011

"Foundations of Indian Psychology" have finally come out.

Dear Friends

We are happy to announce that the two volumes of "Foundations of Indian Psychology" have finally come out.

Foundations contains a careful selection of some of the best articles written on Indian Psychology during the last 10 years. Several of them are true classics that deserve to be read by anyone who wants to know what the Indian tradition can contribute to contemporary Psychology.

Please see the attachments for the list of chapters.

The price of the book (Rs. 995/- for volume 1 and Rs. 695/- for volume 2) is unfortunately higher than what we had hoped for, but the publisher has agreed to offer a 20% discount for those who buy both volumes together. To avail of this offer, please write an email to:

The separate volumes are available with a 10% discount on Pearson's website ( ).

Delivery is free within India.

Enjoy and
warm regards,

Matthijs Cornelissen